The Soberholic

So Much More Than Sober THE BOOK

I have written a book sharing my story and my five-stage process to help women who are sick of thinking about their drinking. 
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Five hundred thirty people died from alcohol poisoning in the UK in 2018. 

Women are drinking more alcohol than ever before - attributing it to juggling work and family life. Some believe this reflects greater social equality, but it comes with costs as the number of women experiencing alcohol-related health problems has increased.
I’m The Soberholic - a mum who used to drink 100 units a week. With my programme and campaign, I’m on a mission to ‘rebrand’ sober life, supporting those who want to make a change.
Social media is rife with comments about wine o’clock, daytime or midweek drinking and resorting to alcohol to get through the parenting years.

If you search Google for ‘popular parenting books for mums,’ you’ll find several titles referring to alcohol - normalising it as part of the parenting process!
In reality, it’s more likely to cause brain fog and fatigue, putting even more pressure on mums trying to juggle work and family life.

Watching my friend lose her life, aged just 52, was my wake-up call to re-evaluate my relationship with alcohol. I’m now happier and healthier than I’ve been in years, and I want to help more women gain the confidence to take back control.

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